12 November 2013

Cheese Sticks

Had it ever occurred that you over estimated your lumpia wrapper and you had a lot of left over? Well, you’re not alone. But there’s nothing to worry, in fact, you can turn this misfortune into a blessing with this easy snack recipe.
Lumpia (spring roll) wrapper
Cheese, cut into stripes (cheddar will do the trick)
Oil for frying
Cheese powder (optional)
Mayo-ketchup dressing
1) Roll a strip of cheese into the wrapper, sealed with water.
2) Fry into golden brown.
3) Toss in cheese powder.
4) Serve with mayo-ketchup dressing.


  1. Looks like a delicious snack food. I should try the treat next time.
    Hope you/your loved ones are safe in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan.
    Sending prayers and blessings your way!

    1. Hi, Ms. Beth, glad to know you still visit my site even if I'm not part of the ComEx now. Yes, thank God we're safe. Thank you.