08 July 2013

Kalingking na Batag

Vacationing out of town is useless if you don’t get to try or learn something new. During our most recent family vacation in Bicol where we experience “the life” from the peak of luxury to the humblest of barrio living, I happened to experience both. I tried their local delicacy and learned how to make it myself. I haven’t tried making it on my own, but I’m sure I’ll get there one of these days. 

One of the many meriendas given to us by our relative was Kalingking na Batag (it is a BaƱadero, Daraga, Albay dialect, I needed to write it down because I cannot memorize it.hehe). It is similar to our maruya here in Manila but actually different. Because 1) they use only hilaw na saba (raw cardava banana) and 2) it is cut into strips (like French fries). Why hilaw, that they can’t answer exactly.
Hilaw na saging na saba, cut into strips
Oil for frying
1) Dissolve flour and sugar in the water, add saba strip.

2) Get a bunch and fry (according to my cousin, traditionally they use banana leaf to form it when frying)

3) Serve and enjoy.
My take: The tenderness of the raw saba complements to its crunchiness when fried. It also neutralizes the sweet taste. Since it uses only flour, it doesn’t over power the banana.
Tip: Start frying early and make a lot. It will surely be a hit.
The verdict: You will definitely ask for more.