02 October 2013

Ham and Cheese Bread Roll

It was a rainy week, and you know how they associate cold weather and food. The “infectious overeating bug” didn’t escape me and led me no choice but to crave for something laboriously-yummy merienda.
Loaf Bread
Sliced Ham, sliced lengthwise
Cheese, sliced lengthwise
Bread Crumbs
Egg, beaten
Oil for frying 
1. Flatten the loaf bread, we used a clean empty bottle since we do not have rolling pin. Others suggests removing the edges of the loaf, but since it is my favorite part, I included that.
2. Put ham and cheese on top of the bread and roll them together.
3. Dip the stuffed bread in the beaten egg and roll in the bread crumbs.
4. Fry to golden brown.

My take: Though this recipe requires a little more effort in preparing, this can really pay off in the end.
Tip: Remember, the more flatten the bread the less oil absorbent it becomes.
The verdict: I need another rainy week. J

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