23 September 2013

Toaster-Baked Brownies (Semi-Missed)

With the sprout of cupcakes/cake bakers left and right, you don’t need a genius to say that baking is “IN” nowadays. I am always told that baking is the easiest “branch” of cooking, I’m not convinced. Maybe because, as I have said in the past, I do not follow procedure religiously (this is a must in baking). Thank goodness we do not have a decent oven in the kitchen, may best palusot ever. But 1 day, I came across this brownie mix which contains the tag line “oven toaster ready”, so why not give it a try.
1 pack White King Brownies Fudge and Crinkle Mix
1 egg, beaten
Butter, softened
Cashew (optional)
** You can follow the easy instructions written at the back of the box.
1) Mix all ingredients together. It will be a little sticky and will be hard to mix, but you’ll get there.
2.) Brushed the baking pan with butter, transfer the batter and spread evenly.
3) Bake in the oven toaster for 9 minutes. You may check if it’s cooked by using a toothpick, if the mixture did not stick to it, it’s done.
4) Cut into desired proportions.

My take: This mixture was so close to the taste of the “real” brownies, not bad for a ready mix. It almost got the same kunat factor and sweetness just like my brownies of preference. Also so easy to prepare.
Tips: I really missed big time here, which resulted to almost inedible brownies. So believe me when I say "Follow instructions and proportions religiously" - this is a must. 1) Don’t rely on the suggested baking time (this contradicts the opening statement, but you know, every oven varies with temp). It is always safe to check the brownies from time to time. 2) Once baking is done, remove it immediately from the oven. The heat inside the oven is still enough to burn the brownies (like what happened to mine). 3) Leave the toppings for later, yes after it is baked, especially if it is marshmallows, that burns easily. ;-p
The verdict: Oh well, I still want an oven, but still not for baking pastries. hehe       


  1. I want an oven, too. Medyo tinubuan na kasi ako ng patience as pagbe-bake. I only use a turbo broiler when baking ha. Keri naman, nakapagbake na ako ng banana cake, brownies and last weekend, chocolate cake. Jackpot ako sa mga recipes na nakita ko online kasi ang sarap talaga ng kinalabasan, in peyrnes.

    P.S. Pag ready ka na magbake ng totoong brownies, I'll give you a very easy brownie recipe. :)

    1. Mas gusto ko talaga magluto lang.hehe Yung isang pack ng brownies mix, hinaluan ko ng gatas (wala sa recipe) edi cyempre palpak.hehe Pero bilib ako sa brownies mix na yan masarap parin kahit tortured sa'kin.

      I have a better idea... pasample ka naman!hehe

  2. I am a mom and am using a microwave oven and it only takes 4 minutes to bake this! Perfect with no "sunog" part. So yummy talaga!