08 October 2013

Burgoo, Tomas Morato

Following my anniversary post here, our lunch date turned out to be so satisfying. I was really disappointed to begin with knowing Mister M. still relied on me on where to dine considering I gave him a list of restaurants to choose from a day before. It seemed he didn't bother to do his homework (it’s our 10th year, mind you, grrr!). Since I can't locate those that's on the list, we just drove along Tomas Morato and picked randomly a restau that we haven’t dine yet. So there, we saw Burgoo and we thought we’d try it (I was really holding my tears as he orders. grrr, talaga.hehe).

Burgoo is at 310 Tomas Morato, South Triangle, QC. It's a beach-sports themed restaurant that offers casual dining with very accommodating crews (the blueguard even fetched me from the car and shaded me against the mid-day sun). Every table was covered with Manila Paper that served as their table mats, it came with a cup of crayons. I wanted to write something “cheesy” on the paper but was still really feeling bad that I didn’t attempt. Funny how the wait staff was can write her name vertically.

 Here’s what he had for lunch.

Super Sampler, Regular P425 (Large was also available for P595). It was a combination of Buffalo Wings, Cheddar Cheese Fries, Mozarella Sticks and Onion Rings. It was so huge I regretted ordering the rest.hehe Every piece of it were good. Mister M. especially liked the Buffalo Wings, I liked the Fries more.  It came with 3 special dips.

I had Chicken Dianne Regular for P395. It had 3 slices of grilled chicken fillet along with garlic spaghetti in Diane sauce and a toast. It was served in big proportion, I guess it can fill 3-5 tummies yet it had a large-r serving for P595. I really liked it though I wasn’t able to finish it in 1 sitting. The creamy sauce was really creamy and cheesy and I thought that the chicken was very healthy.

Mister M. had Hamburgoo for P395 (sorry for the blurry photo, I guess you have to trust me on this.). It had 2 charbroiled patties which was apparently a mixture of pork, chicken and beef, to complete the entourage was onions, cheese, tomatoes and pickles in sesame bun. It also had an option of fries or potato wedges as side dish, since we already had fries, he opted for the wedges. The serving was so generous that Mister got intimidated at 1st, but he thought that it was so good to leave for later.

It was still a sweet day so we cap off our lunch date by ordering a Mississippi Mud Pie for P175. It was a chocolate ice cream on a crunchy biscuit base and sprinkled with chocolate bits. We both liked the merengue like biscuit base that complements the ice cream. And yes, dessert can be sweeter when shared. 

He had Sprite while I had Rootbeer both for P59 and already refillable.

Prices subject to 10% service charge.                 

My take: The food and the food proportion compensates its prices, so it was very worth it.  
Tip: No need to give TIP, I mean, that was included on your total bill remember? I’m now regreting about the loose change we left.lol
The verdict: Burgoo was good - food, ambiance, service and all, but I still don’t think its worthy for a 10th year anniversary celebration. Peace my labs! J

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