28 May 2013

Penne Pasta Spaghetti

I am a pasta lover. I eat cooked pasta with ketchup as a kid, that’s spaghetti for me already. But when you grow older, you became meticulous about your favorite dish. You become specific and particular of every details of it. Okay, I shouldn’t talk in the second person when it might be only me. But yes, as I aged, I became so hard to please when it comes to pasta. This recipe is actually my mama’s but I improved it a little to fit my taste. 
500 grams penne pasta (cooked per package instruction)
500 grams Spaghetti Sauce
¼ kl ground pork
¼ kl hotdog
1 big can mushroom
Onion, garlic
Salt and pepper
For white sauce:
1 bar butter
1 small can evaporated milk 
1) Brown the ground pork. Add the hotdog, let it fry a bit.
2) Set the ground pork mixture around the pan. Let the oil drain into the middle of the pan, leave just enough oil for sautéing.
3) Sauté garlic and onion. Combine it with ground pork mixture. Add mushroom.
4) Add spaghetti sauce. Season with salt and pepper.
5) Add the cooked penne pasta. Mix evenly.
6) In a separate pan, melt butter and add evaporated milk. Simmer.
7) In very low heat, pour butter mixture in the spaghetti. Simmer for about 5-10 minutes.
8) Serve hot. 

My take: This proportion always works best for me, although my mama would always argue (she uses ½ kilo pasta : 1 kilo sauce). Cheese in this recipe is optional, the white sauce mixtures takes its place. 
Tip: If cheese is available, I put it directly on the pasta while it is still in the strainer. 
The verdict: This recipe is always a hit, though I really don’t share the works (it my trade secret). But then again, different stroke for different folks (literal meaning) applies. hehe 


  1. Now, I am craving for pasta! I badly crave for this one specifically! Huhu :(

  2. Wow looks so yummy sis. I love spaghetti too, any pasta I think. Hehe.. In fact when we go to the grocery, pasta and sauces are always in our list :)

    1. We also do that, we actually have pasta weekends before, I wish I could resurrect that.

  3. Mommy cooked this last sunday.

  4. i love pasta, easiest to cook and not fussy to serve

  5. Me, too. I'm really a pasta lover! It's delicious and easy to cook. :)

    1. I think nobody resist pasta's charm.

  6. I love cooking red sauce pasta for my kids. It's easy to do and I love experimenting with the sauce.