20 May 2013

Lunch at BonChon, Trinoma

Mr. M. and I wanted to try BonChon for some time. Maybe fate has its way, we always tend to forget it whenever we’re considering establishments to dine-in. But last weekend, since we intended to eat our lunch-out, we kept BonChon in mind as we left home, I was excited for my 1st experience. 

BonChon is at 1011B Level 1 of Trinoma. I was surprised that Bonchon has a regular fast food set-up, I thought otherwise. Since the kids were with us, I asked Mr. M. to order anything for me. I just emphasized that it must not be the same as his’ so we could share and sample on different food. And as a must for us, order juice instead of sofdrinks for Miss L.. I was again surprised that they don’t have any juices, they only served softdrinks and iced tea, both not good for our little girl. 

Mr. M. had Thigh (Chicken) Ricebox in Soy Garlic 2 pieces for P145, this comes with a drink, he had Mountian Dew. 

He got Shrimp Ricebox for me with rootbeer for P145, also in Soy Garlic variant. 

He also got Large Potato Fries P60 for Miss L. to munch in. The little girl saw me taking pictures, borrowed my phone and took this photo.

My take: The chicken was crispy and tasty from the outside, but unfortunately I cannot say that the inner meat taste the same, their serving was too small for the price too. While the shrimp has a good soy garlic-y taste, it became too bland with the rice. I don’t like the fact that the rice was malata too. It just destroyed the taste of the whole meal. The fries were okay, not far from the Jollibee’s version though. 
Tip: If you’re dinning with kids, make sure to bring their own water. 
The verdict: We will go back again, but definitely not anytime soon. 


  1. Hmm, I was considering trying Bon Chon too. Thank you for your thoughts...

  2. i also tried bonchon, same comment here i don't like their fried chicken

  3. I still haven't tried BonChon and the boyfriend isn't really interested. We've also heard that beyond the skin, the taste doesn't really pentrate through to the meat.

    1. At least I'm not the only one to notice that.