05 May 2013

Buffet at Yakimix, Trinoma

Yakimix is at the least of my list for food to try because 1) Not really a fan of Japanese cuisine; and 2) I find it expensive considering I will be the one to cook. Lol But since someone was willing to shoulder 60% of its buffet price, I grabbed it right away.

My highschool friend Reythiel was home from Qatar, she is Master E.’s godmother. She asked me to meet her to hand me her gift for E.. Since she’s back, might as well invite other friends for a mini get-together. Yakimix in Trinoma (4th Level near Cinema) was our chosen spot to dine and chit chat.

I heard that Yakimix often has long lines, so we sent a friend ahead of us to line for the group. She was already seated when we arrived there. Yakimix in Trinoma was quiet huge, with 3 rows of buffet spread. The 1st row, was for raw meats. The 2nd was cooked foods, the 3rd for salads, soups and others. There was also a separate table for dessert. Drinks were also free-flowing and included in the buffet price of P620.

I chose the ready to eat foods and left the cooking on the smokeless grill to the girls.

My take: I think this was my 1st Japanese food sample. I was surprised that the foods were on the spicy side, which falls in my criteria. Their buffet spread was somehow extensive too. I just noticed that they were slow in refilling food especially those of the crowd’s favorite like tempura.
Tip: Make reservations.
The verdict: Yakimix is a good choice if you’re into Japanese food.


  1. When I first tried Yakimix i felt that the decor and furnishings were definitely better than at Kamayan/Dads/Saisaki in West Avenue. The food wasn't bad either. Mahaba nga lang ang pila. hehe. Vikings is also really good, but more expensive. :)

    1. Yakimix is more elegant in decor and furnishing nga. Vikings is our next stop.